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    Under Maintenance

    Character Resets have been temporarily disabled. Access to this feature is expected to return at 2000 UTC today.

    We have uncovered an unexpected crash in the Super pCache Mesh that has forced us to rebuild our caches during peak traffic hours.
    This has led to increased error rates related to login and persistence related functions.

    To help reduce the strain on the live service we have opted to take character resets offline. This in combination with other mitigation efforts have allowed us to accelerate the recovery process while we hand off valuable crash data to our engineers working on stability fixes over the course of IAE. This incident has also provided valuable insights that are already being leveraged to build more resilient systems as we continue to grow.

    We greatly appreciate everyone's patience while we work to resolve this matter.

    [2022-11-20 Updates]
    1850 UTC - Initial Notice.
    1954 UTC - Character Reset access restored. Performing additional validations.
    2103 UTC - Additional validations complete.

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  • Persistent Universe Electronic Access
    Under Maintenance

    🚀 We will be deploying patch 3.17.4-live.8288900 starting at 2000 UTC.

    [2022-11-17 Updates]
    1950 UTC - Initial notice, Live Service Maintenance begins 2000 UTC with servers offline at 2100 UTC.
    2045 UTC - Matchmaking disabled, new connections to Game Servers will now be declined.
    2100 UTC - Servers offline, Patch deployment in-progress.
    2130 UTC - Patch deployment complete, Servers open.

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